FEVER 333’s New Single “BITE BACK” Is A Furious Call to Conflict

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For the past three years, FEVER 333 have reminded metal, hardcore and punk fans of what it means to sound truly angry. The band’s combination of crushing guitars and frontman Jason Aalon Butler’s shrieked rhymes evoke the stylistic traits of nu-metal, but do so without any of that genre’s cliched complacency; instead, it’s an illustration of the tangible venom that made metal in the mid- to late-’90s interesting. To hear this, one need look no further than “BITE BACK,” the new single dropped by the band today.

As one can hear on the track below, “BITE BACK” may kick off with more of a straight-up hip-hop feel, but it quickly brings in the back at their heaviest and most pendulous. Meanwhile, Butler’s lyrics instantly dispense pleasantries and go for the throat, with the vocalist spitting lines like, “If we speak up/About how they treat us/They’ll do it over and over until we bite back” and “I want to be there when the final racist’s statue falls.” This isn’t a song about having a good time or getting off work, it’s about the riots, protests, and calls for racial justice that are going on in the streets, right now.

“Everything in this song was what I’d seen during those 13 days and what I felt needed to happen,” says Butler of “BITE BACK.” “I saw buildings burn. I saw fights. I saw white allies stepping in front of the National Guard, because they knew they had a power those black bodies behind them did not. What did you expect? When you put any creature in a corner for so long and show them how quickly life can be taken from them, I don’t know what other option there is but fighting back.”

Listen to “BITE BACK” below:

“BITE BACK” comes from FEVER 333’s upcoming new EP WRONG GENERATION, which is set to drop October 23rd via Roadrunner Records/333 WRECKCHORDS CREW.

Not only that, but the band have a packed only event schedule coming up, having recently announced a virtual livestream tour. Tickets are available now, so make sure to catch FEVER 333’s raw power at one of the dates below:


Words by Chris Krovatin