David Hasselhoff Recorded a Metal Song

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If there’s one artist who’s bigger than metal in Germany, it’s David fuckin’ Hasselhoff. The statuesque  Baywatch and Knight Rider actor has always has a cult following among fans of old-school metal, if only for his relationship with the ’80s. Now, however, it looks like the Hoff is officially crossing over, as it’s been revealed that David Hasselhoff has recorded a metal track.

The Hoff On Fire has revealed that he’s recorded a metal track with two-man project Cuestack, titled “Through the Night.” Not only that, but he’s asking fans to help crowdfund a video for the track via Kickstarter.

According to the campaign’s description, “‘Through the Night’ is a song and cinematic music video project, starring the actor and singer David Hasselhoff and Austrian metal band CueStack. As life-long ‘Hoff’ fans,  the band had the ultimate goal to create a metal project with the most-watched man on TV, showing the world his heavy side. All of this was also captured in an in-depth Making-Of documentary, both in the studio and on the video set.

“We, CueStack, financed the entire project by ourselves until now, to avoid giving up any creative freedom when it comes to the song and music video. The final mission: finishing the edit of the cinematic video that will accompany the song! With a limited budget and schedule, we had to shoot the entire video with David in just one day. That means we had to build much smaller versions of the sets we actually had in mind. To turn this dystopian retro Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk vision into reality, a massive post-production effort is needed now, to extend these basic sets into cinematic, futuristic, living worlds!

“The project started in 2018 and many demos were made, many meetings were held and what seemed like an impossible idea slowly turned into a reality. David finally recorded the track with CueStack in 2019 in Vienna and they also shot an ambitious music video together.”

Check out their promotional video below:

You can donate to Cuestack to help their video get made via their Kickstarter campaign. Do it now — and FEED THE HOFF.


Words by Chris Krovatin