Attack Attack! Are Plotting a Comeback

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For a generation of extreme music fans, Christian metalcore act Attack Attack! will be remembered forever — just maybe not in the way that they’d like. In 2008, the band, who included among their ranks Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo, released a video for their track “Stick Stickly” which featured what would become the most hated staples of their genre, from squatting like crabs to running in place to deep-dive V-necks. But now, after breaking up in 2013, it appears that Attack Attack! are a-back a-back (you’re welcome).

As reported by Loudwire, a new Attack Attack! Instagram has been launched, with the first picture posted thereon suggesting that the band has plans in the studio — and that they’re even owning their crabcore roots these days.

Meanwhile, a source close to the band told website Note to Scene that Attack Attack! are currently in the studio with producer Joey Sturgis, known for his work with acts like Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, and Attila.

More on Attack Attack!’s comeback as we know it.

For those who have never seen it, the “Stick Stickly” video is somewhat of a cultural masterpiece. On the one hand, it helped launch Attack Attack! to stardom, and for millions of fans around the world it defined the look, feel, and general tone of the metalcore and scenecore movements. This is the video that launched more hair swoops than goth. At the same time, for those who disliked these musical trends, the “Stick Stickly” footage became a monument to everything wrong with music in the late 2000s, the kind of video one watched with their bandmates to see how far into it they could get before shutting it off in disgust. In that way, it has become one of metal’s most enduring music videos, watched even by people who loathe it.

Watch the “Stick Stickly” video below and decide for yourself:


Words by Chris Krovatin