Alice Cooper shares new lyric video for his political satire “Elected”

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Election Day is just three weeks away, and the media circus certainly isn’t going to stop after all the ballots are counted. So why not pass the megaphone to another political villain this election season? In this case, that villain is king of shock rock Alice Cooper, who has just released a new lyric video for his song “Elected.” Cooper first released the satirical anthem back in 1972, later released in 1973 on his Billion Dollar Babies album—at the height of the Watergate scandal that eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon—with a litany of one-liners lampooning the language of political campaigns, such as “I’m a yankee doodle dandy in a gold Rolls Royce” and “We’re all gonna rock to the rules I make.”

In this new clip, Cooper once again declares his candidacy for the Wild Party with a lighthearted clip that references the original 1972 video for the song, with some new animated updates. Cooper is joined by his running mate—a chimpanzee in a top hat—while adoring supporters surround him with signs reading slogans like “I’m With Coop 2020.” It’s a fun, colorful update of the classic rock ‘n’ roll anthem, and considering how tense and anxious election season can make us, it’s a distraction we’ll take.

Not to be outdone in the merch department, Cooper—after releasing his own face masks earlier this year—has released his own campaign apparel as well, including some cheekily macabre slogans like “A Head for Every Bucket” and “A Sick Man for a Sick Nation.” Check out the full lineup of merch here, and watch his new “Elected” lyric video below.

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Words by Jeff Terich