Watch Trivium’s Matt Heafy Make This Good Samaritan UPS Driver’s Day With A Free Guitar

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When a quarantined little boy on his route kept asking if there were any packages for him, UPS driver Hector Velasco got tired of saying no. One day, he showed up at little Langston’s house with a package just for him, filled with toy trucks and treats. Hector’s story went viral, prompting actress Drew Barrymore to invite Hector onto her show — and gift him a Les Paul guitar courtesy of one of his favorite musicians, Trivium‘s Matt Heafy.

As you’ll see in the footage below, after interviewing Hector, Drew says, “So we know you’re a big fan of music, Hector…and we know you like a band named Trivium? Well, we did our research, and we heard you were a fan of Matt Heafy, and we have a little surprise for you. Take a look.”

This is when Trivium frontman and general mensch Matt Heafy shows up, bearing a Gibson Les Paul specifically for Hector.

Hey Hector, it’s Matt Heafy, singer and guitar player of the multi-platinum metal band Trivium,” says Matt. “Drew told me you love blasting our music while you’re out delivering in your community. So Drew and I got together to put together a special surprise for you. It’s something a little bit like this thing right here — a Gibson Les Paul in ebony. This is the one I use, yours is going to look pretty much like this. I’ve been using these things for a couple years, I hope you love it as much as I do.

“Thanks for being a local community hero, my friend,” he says in closing.

Watch the video below and try to keep your voice from cracking:

Man, gives you a little hope for humanity.

Kudos to Hector for being a great dude, on Matt for doing something so nice for him, and to Drew Barrymore for making this all happen — even if she said the name ‘Trivium’ a little like it was the Latin name of a bug.


Words by Chris Krovatin