Watch Members of Mastodon, Converge and More Cover Robyn In The Style of Thin Lizzy

Rama, CC BY-SA 2.0 FR , via Wikimedia Commons
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Last we saw of those Two Minutes to Late Night scamps, they had just orchestrated an incredible cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name” in the style of Slayer. Given how relevant that track currently is — especially with the band performing it being made up entirely of non-white metal musicians — one assumes that the folks behind the show’s cover videos wanted to go a little more lighthearted this time. That’s explains why today’s cover is a one-two of delicious pop and fun-as-fuck classic rock — specifically, Robyn’s “Ever Again” covered in the style of Thin Lizzy.

So sweet your dentist hates it.

Not only that, but this cover has one hell of a line-up: you’ve got Mlny Parsonz (Royal Thunder) on vocals, Nate Garrett (Spirit Adrift, ex-Gatecreeper) and Jordan “Gwarsenio Hall” Olds (Two Minutes to Late Night) on guitar, Troy Sanders (Mastodon, Killer Be Killed, Gone is Gone) on bass, and Ben Koller  (Converge,  Mutoid Man, All Pigs Must Die) on drums.

Check out the madness below:

For the record, here’s the original track so you can hear just how Lizzy-ed out the Two Minutes cover is:

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