Vocalist of Death Metallers Slugdge Still Dealing with COVID Symptoms Months After Diagnosis

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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The new paranoia gripping so many people around the world is, Will I somehow contract COVID-19, and how will it affect my life? With the disease being so deadly, and the way it spreads being so confusing, most of us are wondering if we’d know we had the virus before it’s too late — and if we’re healthy enough to survive it. Now, the drummer of death metallers Slugdge has revealed that months after contracting COVID, their vocalist is STILL dealing with the virus.

For those of you who don’t know them, Slugdge is a British progressive death metal band whose name relates to the fact that most of their songs are about slugs. That’s right, this band plays wonky, throttling death metal about invertebrate slime-trailers taking over the planet and indoctrinating us into their gooey ways. They’re a great band who have made a solid name for themselves in the underground by using incredible tunes to prove they’re more than a gimmick.

According to drummer Alan Cassidy (also the percussionist for Michigan death metallers The Black Dahlia Murder), frontman Matt Moss contracted COVID months ago — and is still feeling the repercussions. While quoting a tweet from CNN about the long-term effects of the virus, Alan wrote, “This happened to our vocalist from @Slugdge and people need to understand the real repercussions of this sickness. Just cause you survive doesn’t mean you’re fine. Stop being a fucking plague rat.”

Alan echoes a sentiment expressed by other rock stars, including Slipknot’s Corey Taylor — stop making this all about you. You may think COVID’s death toll is inflated, or you may think wearing a mask sucks, but some folks are having their lives ruined for months by this disease, while others are fucking dying. If you give any portion of a fuck about the people around you, wash your hands and put your damn mask on.

Here’s Slugdge’s latest rager, Esoteric Malacology:


Words by Chris Krovatin