Tonight: Watch Goth Rapper Dana Dentata Livestream Her Bloody Resurrection

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Dana Dentata is the rapper this generation of metalheads needs. Loved by both Kanye West and Marilyn Manson, the Canadian artist and former metal frontwoman merges the noise and art-menace of Lingua Ignota with the bristling, morbid hip-hop of early Tyler, The Creator to create music that will either endear her to or intimidate the hell out of even the most judgmental of extreme music heads. Now, almost a year after dropping her confrontational Daddy Loves You EP, Dana Dentata has announced a new livestream that will bring her dark, addictive sound directly into your living room.

The livestream is being hailed as “The Resurrection of Dana Dentata” and will feature Dana performing both tracks from Daddy… as well as a few surprise tracks. More so, the performance might include some of Dana’s unique performance art — which, for those of your unfamiliar with her work, can get a bit confrontational.

“I was about to play shows in parts of America where they were pro-life and threatening to take away women’s freedom over their bodies so I wore a baby I attached to a chain umbilical cord to represent pro choice,” Dana told the UK’s Love Magazine earlier this year. “The baby has two heads, one side of the baby is evil, the other is an angel. In the narrative of my art there is always a demon with me and I think the baby is a product of us that is pure intent and pain, much like the people that have been drawn to me or my music. I feel protective over the wounded souls that have found power in my music and I want to hold them all like babies and feed them.”

The stream kicks off tonight at 6pm EST, so set your reminders and tune into this YouTube link to see the next generation of alternative rapper take her rightful seat atop a pile of fragile male corpses.

Dana Dentata’s Daddy Loves You EP is available to stream now:


Words by Chris Krovatin