The Sword’s Kyle Shutt: Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Has The Best Weed

Kyle Shutt by Jesse Sellhan, Kirk Hammett by Kreepin Deth, both via Wikipedia.
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There are albums you listen to and think, Man, I’d like to burn one down with these dude. But Ride the Lightning? Not so much. And yet according to The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt, it’s not Sleep’s Matt Pike or Rwake’s CT who brings the best bud to the party, it’s Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett.

Recently speaking to Metal Injection, Shutt was asked who among the metal musicians he knows has the best weed. His answer was quick and to the point: “Kirk Hammett! He had this shit called ‘Romulan’ one time, which was, probably, the best weed I ever smoked.”

Kirk wasn’t the only musician Shutt listed, though the other might not surprise as many fans. “Clutch, but that goes without saying. Those guys are made out of weed.” Kyle went on to reveal that Clutch hooked them up in Nashville, putting them in touch with the dealer of a certain red-headed stranger. “We bought an ounce of that Willie [Nelson] weed, not his brand, but this was the stuff that Willie would buy when he would roll through Nashville. Wow, that was incredible.”

Kyle also revealed that when The Sword were on tour with Metallica, they stunk up the place with the sheer amount of bud they were carting around. “We got a bag of weed one time called ‘God’s Gift,’ and it was the stinkiest weed ever. When we were on tour with Metallica, they didn’t really care what we did, but they would usually put our dressing room far away from their’s, so we could whatever we wanted, smoke weed, and they wouldn’t bother us…we weren’t even smoking it. We were just hanging out backstage, breaking it up, to take all the stems out. They came and knocked on our door like Hey guys, you know you can’t smoke in here, what are you doing? And we’re like, we’re not even smoking it, we’re just breaking it up, and they looked at the weed and they were like, ‘Wow… anyway, would you mind taking that outside?'”

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