Spirit Adrift’s New Single Is Heavy Metal At Its Best

MetalGods1979, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Arizona-based epic metallers Spirit Adrift have tamed the time warp at heavy metal’s core. The band always sounds current, informed by the late 2000s’ doom explosion out of Texas and Arkansas. But frontman Nate Garrett still remembers his Ozzy-obsessed roots, and as such the band’s music is more old-school and reminiscent of metal during its heyday than any number of artists under the “trad-metal” banner. This is metal the way you’ve always dreamed of it, as huge and burly as it is emotionally powerful.

The new Spirit Adrift single off of their upcoming album Enlightened In Eternity is a perfect example of their sonic prowess. “Astral Levitation” is a solidly galloping metal track with a bitchin’ solo in the middle, that sounds like every person performing on it had their hair sweatily matted to their face. At the same time, the lyrics of the track are positive, reinforcing that Sabbathian tradition of using dark music and imagery to communicate a need for personal expression and betterment. Long story short, this is a fucking killer metal track about overcoming odds and standing tall, and if that’s not why we all got into this music in the first place, then I don’t know what is.

Check out “Astral Levitation” below:

Fuck yes.

It’s not surprising that Nate is defending the faith so hard, given his lifelong Ozzy Osbourne obsession. On a recent episode of our talk show Last Words, the singer and guitarist recounted his favorite Ozzy tales to Jordan, Doc, and Katy. Check it out:

Spirit Adrift’s Enlightened In Eternity on October 16th, and is available for preorder at 20 Buck Spin’s website and Bandcamp. Check out the full tracklisting and bitching cover art below:

1.  Ride into the Light
2.  Astral Levitation
3.  Cosmic Conquest
4.  Screaming from Beyond
5.  Harmony of the Spheres
6.  Battle High
7.  Stronger Than Your Pain
8.  Reunited in the Void