Spirit Adrift Get Mid-Paced and Delicious On New Single “Screaming From Beyond”

MetalGods1979, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Real talk: Spirit Adrift‘s new album is going to be big for them. With each consecutive single — first, the galloping “Harmony of the Spheres;” then, the badass “Astral Levitation” — their new record Enlightened In Eternity grows in power and hype. Now, the band have dropped a third single titled “Screaming From Beyond” via an old-school heavy metal video, and damn if it doesn’t just further cement what an insane release Enlightened is going to be.

The track is a timeless mid-paced metal stomp, harkening back to the good ol’ days of Priest, Accept and Trouble. The video, meanwhile, is a psychedelic mindtrip without the usual colors and acid-fantasies one usually associates with psychedelia. Directed by Guilherme Henriques, the footage follows an everyman protagonist heading off the beaten path and discovering an ornate temple out in the wilderness. After taking the left-hand path inside, he finds a baroque world of religious relics — and slowly realizes he’s not alone.

Watch “Screaming From Beyond” below:

Spirit Adrift’s Enlightened In Eternity on October 16th, and is available for preorder at 20 Buck Spin’s website and Bandcamp.

On the making of Enlightened In Eternity, frontman Nate Garrett said, “I wrote the songs on Enlightened In Eternity before my life fell apart, and from the beginning I set out to make this our most uplifting and empowering album. I’m glad I did that, because ironically enough, these songs helped me keep going when things got bad. I’m proud of the work Marcus put in, I’m proud of these songs, and I’m proud of how we navigated the entire experience. This is the most challenging record I’ve ever made, and it’s my favorite record I’ve ever made. I hope it helps others the way it helped me.

“Making a Spirit Adrift album is always intense, but Chained to Oblivion and Curse of Conception dealt with issues from my past, and Divided by Darkness dealt with external issues from more of a philosophical perspective, so there was a bit of a protective layer of detachment between the material and myself,” he continues. “On the other hand, when Marcus and I recorded Enlightened In Eternity, we were in the middle of a lot of intense emotional upheaval  — hour to hour, minute to minute. Some days it took everything I had to keep working, particularly when it was time to record vocals. From a technical standpoint, things couldn’t have gone smoother. But from an emotional standpoint, it was brutal. The silver lining is that our hearts and souls are embedded into this record with a raw immediacy and urgency that’s unmatched by our previous material.”

Check out the full tracklisting and bitching cover art below:

1.  Ride into the Light
2.  Astral Levitation
3.  Cosmic Conquest
4.  Screaming from Beyond
5.  Harmony of the Spheres
6.  Battle High
7.  Stronger Than Your Pain
8.  Reunited in the Void