New Metal Out Today – 9/4

New metal releases
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It’s Friday, which means two things: giving this week the finger, and new music! Tune in every Friday for The Pit’s round-up of new releases, from singalong hard rock to pus-drenched underground death metal. Keep those ears bleeding!

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh, Operation Takeover (self-released)

For fans of: Butcher Babies, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day to Remember

Standout track: “Bones”

Three sisters, in pink, playing music that sounds like pop-punk and groove metal drinking together after a fight — we’re here for it. Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh definitely aren’t scrambling for legitimacy, which makes them all the more endearing; we like a band who are what they are, and these ladies’ pounding, poppy sound is simply itself. This will definitely put off some of our more subterranean fans, but for young fans trying to get into harder music, this band is an excellent gateway drug. Extra points for using the word ‘wack’ in a song.

Katavasia, Magnus Venator (Floga)

For fans of: Desaster, Mongrel’s Cross, Malokarpatan

Standout track: “Chthonic Oracle”

Greece has always had a uniquely killer extreme metal scene, and Katavasia are an example of what that nation brings to the table. The five-piece’s delicious brand of sacrilegious blackened thrash (or maybe thrashy black metal, depending on who you ask) is lined with melodic folk elements which make one wonder what other bands are doing with their time. Maybe it’s the proximity to the ancient world, but these dudes know how to make you feel like you’re standing in front of a summoned devil in a time before Christ. A must-listen of 2020.

Dunwich, Tail Tied Hearts (Caligari Records)

For fans of: Ghost, Ruby the Hatchet, Blood Ceremony

Standout track: “Mouth of Darkness”

Plenty of bands play what’s now being blanket-labeled “occult rock,” but Dunwich have a real tangibility to their take on the genre. Maybe it’s because the band is Russian, and as such have some actual history in a country whose myths involve horned bears in the woods. Or maybe it’s that they’re unafraid of the zany keyboard organ parts of the ‘70s, reveling in the misty Deep Purple-ness of it all. Whatever the case, this record’s a lot of fun, and will be a rad one to bump this Halloween. 

Persekutor, Permanent Winter (Svart Records)

For fans of: Darkthrone, Vreid, Immortal

Standout track: “Can You Feel The Frost of Dawn”

My friend, listen to Kristoff. He has band for you. Is Persekutor. Is ice metal, is fabulous. From where? Transylvania, baby. Land of Dracula. These guys? They herd goat. Smoke meth. No, not in bad, Middle America way, in Eastern European way. Yes, enlightening meth, made in pressence of goat. Harsh, frostbitten black metal, baby. Stomp forward at ice giant pace, leave purple corpse in wake. You listen, is rad.

Other Crushers:

  • Oceans of Slumber, Oceans of Slumber (Century Media)
  • Desolator, Sermon of Apathy (Black Lion Records)
  • Cult of Lilith, Mara (Metal Blade Records)
  • Stryper, Even the Devil Believes (Frontiers)


Words by Chris Krovatin