It Looks Like AC/DC Have Leaked Their Own Comeback

Photo by Matt Becker, via Wikipedia
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In April of 2016, it was revealed that longtime AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson would leave the band due to issues with hearing loss. This left the music world agape, wondering how AC/DC would go on without him; while Axl Rose filled in for some shows, there was a general feeling that this was a different band — not really AC/DC as fans knew them. But now, due to a series of screengrabs that were posted and then soon after deleted by the band, it looks as though AC/DC have a comeback in the works — and that they accidentally leaked it.

According to fan site AC/DC Brasil, the following photos were posted to — and quickly thereafter deleted from — AC/DC’s website. The shots are supposedly of the band recording a video together in the Netherlands, and feature Brian Johnson on vocals, as well as drummer Phil Rudd playing with guitarist Stevie Young for the first time. Rudd’s inclusion is also noteworthy, as the drummer was let go from the band due to a drug conviction and threatening to kill a former employee, and famously said he would not rejoin unless Axl Rose left their ranks.

Take a look at the screengrabs posted on AC/DC Brasil:

Meanwhile, there’s no word from the AC/DC camp; the last posts on the band’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are from months ago, and seem mostly focused on celebrating the 40th anniversary of Back In Black being released.

One minor point is that this might be a strange time for AC/DC to return, due to the worldwide shutdown of live music venues. AC/DC have always been a live band, and not being able to rock fans from an epic stage show would ostensibly do them an injustice. That said, if venues reopened in 2021 and the first big show available was to see AC/DC, the staff of The Pit would give at least one of their thumbs to attend.

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Words by Chris Krovatin