Hanging Bats Filmed Upside-Down to Goth Music Is Absolutely Amazing

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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For a body of people who claim they despise humanity and acting normal, goths sure do love to go dancing on the weekends! Goth clubbing has become such an established part of the culture that even squares have been known to paint their lips black and go to a vampire-themed basement bar to sway along with Sisters of Mercy. But if there’s one group that goth-clubs harder than even goths, it’s literal bats — as made clear by this viral video of hanging bats filmed upside-down and set to goth music.

The bats in question appear to be fruit bats, which might make this video a little less goth to experts hoping for vampire bats (sorry, Merlin D. Tuttle). That said, the huge, ribbed wings wrapped around these adorable little sky puppers definitely lend them a Draculean quality. At the same time, the track by Belarusian goth-rockers Molchat Doma would give any group of black-clad creatures a shadowy, death-obsessed vibe. Off-camera, of course, the bats are smoking clove cigarettes and bitching about Aleister’s new platforms, but they’d never give you the satisfaction of doing that on film.

Go to the gothest goth club that ever gothed below:

For fans of the track, here’s the Molchat Doma original:

Thanks to @milkmoonkitchen for the tip!


Words by Chris Krovatin