Denver Pizza Metallers Axeslasher to Release Their New Live Album on Halloween

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Denver, Colorado, has yielded up bands from all different genres of metal, but few if any of them have been as uniquely rad as Axeslasher. With a killer death-thrash sound and a blood-soaked stage show, Axeslasher have been a sonic staple of the Mile High City, and are much-loved around the world by all vest-wearers who worship killer riffage even if they don’t take life too seriously (after all, this is the band that wrote a thrash metal version of Joe Bob Briggs’ infamous ‘Drive-In Oath’). Now, the band are bringing their killer live set to your beer can-strewn living room with the announcement of a new live album.

The record’s called Dead Alive, with a cover parodying Slayer’s infamous Live Undead album (only fitting, given that Axeslasher’s pizzagram logo was ripped off for a Slayer poster a couple of years ago). Recorded at Denver’s infamous Bluebird Theater in December of 2019, the record contains both classics like “Mark of the Pizzagram” and newer hits like “Pit of Legends,” all with frontman Professor Pizza’s hilarious banter in the background. The record does not include a giant squirt gun with a foam-rubber head on the top spewing blood directly into your face, but hey, you can’t have everything.

With the announcement of the album, the band have released two tracks, “The Drifter’s Warning” and “In The Woods There Is No Law.” Check ’em out below and get pizza-ed right in the face:

Hell and damn yes, boys!

Axeslasher’s Dead Alive drops, appropriately enough, on Halloween of 2020, but is available for preorder via their Bandcamp. Check out the rad-as-fuck cover art and tracklisting below:

  1. Intro
  2. The Axeslasher
  3. The Drifter’s Warning
  4. In The Woods There Is No Law
  5. Woodland Tortuary
  6. Night of the Shears
  7. Mark of the Pizzagram
  8. Invasion of the Babesnatchers
  9. Pit of Legends


Words by Chris Krovatin