Corey Taylor Drops Countryfied New Song “HWY 666”

bill from jersey city, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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It’s a big year for Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor. 2020 will mark the release of his solo album CMFT, which sees the singer performing various flavors of music that he doesn’t always get to experiment with, from in-your-face rap rock to heartfelt balladry (obviously Slipknot have ballads, but they’re mostly about scars and water damage). Now, Corey has released another single, “HWY 666,” which shows his having fun with another rock niche, this time Hank III-ish outlaw country.

The lyric video for “HWY 666” features Todd McFarlane-style animation outlining Corey’s story within the song. The gist of it is that Taylor is wandering down the road of life, and who should come speeding by but the Devil Himself. After that, Corey’s demons come a-calling, and once those ugly suckers are done kicking the crap out of him, he’s visited by the Reaper. It’s a little melodramatic, but then again so is country music, so the lyric video feels appropriate.

Check out the animated lyric video for Corey Taylor’s “HWY 666” below:

“HWY 666” comes after Corey dropped his big, muscular first single “CMFT Must Be Stopped.” The song came with a video full of cameos from rock and metal’s finest, including Tech N9ne, Kid Bookie, BABYMETAL, Baron Corbin, Ben Bruce, Benji Webbe, Caleb Shomo, Chris Jericho, Corey Graves, Griff Taylor, John 5, Lajon Witherspoon, Lars Ulrich, Lzzy Hale, Marilyn Manson, Matty Matheson, Nergal, Nikki Sixx, Otep Shamaya, Randy Blythe, Rob Halford, Ronnie Radke, MAXIMUM THE RYOKUN (MAXIMUM THE HORMONE), Scott Ian, Steel Panther, Tom Savini and ZillaKami.

Recorded at Hideout Studio in Las Vegas, with producer Jay Ruston and Taylor’s band: guitarists Christian Martucci and Zach Throne, bassist Jason Christopher and drummer Dustin Robert, CMFT is due out October 2nd on Roadrunner Records. Pre-orders are available now with limited edition vinyl and merch bundles available at


Words by Chris Krovatin