Code Orange Will Release An Unplugged Live Album This Friday

Foto: Stefan Brending
Published on:

It looks like Pittsburgh nu-core act Code Orange aren’t letting the quarantine stop their powerful momentum. At the end of June, the band announced a livestreamed show titled Under the Skin. Now, the band are releasing an album featuring enhanced audio from this performance.

The album, also titled Under the Skin, is being heralded as akin to MTV’s classic Unplugged performance.s Perhaps enhancing this concept is that the band have included among the tracks their gripping cover of Alice In Chains’ classic sickness ballad “Down In A Hole.” Listen to the cover below:

“Down In A Hole,” it should also be noted, was also recently covered by Denver doom metallers Khemmis, so it could be fun to play the two together and see which one wins. If you have that kind of time, which you do, because the world’s on fire.

Anyway: Code Orange’s Under the Skin comes out Friday, September 4th. The band are also releasing a DVD of their livestreamed performance, and both album and DVD are available for preorder. Check out the full tracklisting and cover art for the album below:

  1. b l e e d i n g  i n  t h e  b l u r
  2. w h o  i  a m
  3. a u t u m n  +  c a r b i n e
  4. (b u g s)
  5. u g l y
  6. o n l y  o n e
  7. (q u a r a n t i n e)
  8. d o w n  i n  a  h o l e
  9. (p e a c e)
  10. d r e a m s  1 + 2
  11. (d r 3 a m)
  12. s u l f u r  s u r r o u n d i n g
  13. u n d e r  t h e  s k i n
  14. h u r t 3