Venom Prison Drop Video For Vicious New Track “Daemon Vulgaris”

Venom Prison, 2019; photo by Jake Owens
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Death metallers Venom Prison aren’t letting quarantine slow them down. After releasing their massive third album Samsara only last year, the British quintet have already announced Primeval, a new album featuring re-recorded songs from their demos as well as two original tracks. Now, the band have released one such re-recorded song, “Daemon Vulgaris,” via a new lyric video.

The video is pretty much what you expect from a band — performance footage, frontperson Larissa Stupar screaming out in a field, the works. But it’s the song that should have listeners rearing back in delight. With its serrated-edge guitar tone and Stupar’s inimitable mixture of shrieks and roars, “Daemon Vulgaris” is the kind of death metal track we’re all always hoping someone is out there writing.

Check out the video below:


Venom Prison’s Primeval comes out October 9, but is available for preorder.

Venom Prison might be a relatively new band for many listeners, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t paid their dues in blood, sweat, and embarrassed grimaces on the road. Speaking to The Pit earlier this year, guitarist Ash Gray told us about his worst show experience, which, though it wasn’t exactly a G.G. Allin show, illustrates the band’s road-dog attitude.

“I’ve never really had anything tragic happen, but at a show Venom Prison played in Sheffield, I believe, I blew an amp up and then Ben literally blew his amps moments later,” explained Ash. “A couple people helped us out, but we stood there, like, Yeah, this sucks. It was only half a song in, as well, so a total play time of one minute and 30 seconds. Cool, right?”

As for his first show, Ash put his cards on the tablet: “My first band in school played some show that we got our bassist’s mum to hire out a hall because she worked at a leisure centre in Newport. We were some shitty punk band that played one of our own songs and, like, five covers — ha!”


Words by Chris Krovatin