Transcendence Give Melodic Death Metal Its Teeth Back On Their Crushing New Track

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Melodic death metal is a lot like vampires — used to mean something really rad, and when done right it’s incredible, but a lot of sparkly motherfuckers ruined the whole thing for everyone. These days, one hears ‘melodic death metal’ and thinks workshirts and white-boy dreadlocks rather than ripping heavy music that’s somehow still catchy as fuck. But some bands continue to hoist that torch high and bright, never sacrificing the rot and rancor of early Entombed, and one of these acts is most definitely Los Angeles’ Transcendence.

On “Drowned Screams of the Departed Souls” from their upcoming debut album Towards Obscurities Beyond, the LA-based five-piece play death metal that is distinctly melodic without ever being rote or boring. Instead of just relying on one gallop after another in the hopes of evoking old-school Gothenburg vibes, these dudes merge the styles of early albums from classic acts like Deicide, Autopsy, and Vomitory to make even the more infectious sections of this track feel ugly and diseased.”Drowned Screams” never loses its atmospheric side even as its erupts in a whirlwind of blastbeats and tremolo picking, always returning to the far-reaching sense of demonic grandeur present on their album cover. The result is a song that’ll have fans of death metal at its most regal and epic getting their hair caught in the toaster as they lose their shit.

Blare “Drowned Screams of the Departed Souls” below:

Transcendence’s Towards Obscurities Beyond comes out September 25th via Blood Harvest, and is available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin