WATCH NOW: Killswitch Engage’s Adam D. Talks ‘As Daylight Dies’ In Our Exclusive Interview

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With next year marking the 15th anniversary of Massachusetts metal crew Killswitch Engage releasing As Daylight Dies, the album which vaulted them into the homes and hearts of millions of fans, the band figured they ought to do something special. So in honor of this benchmark in their career, Killswitch and Run Out Groove Vinyl are releasing the record on vinyl in the U.S. for the first time. And to give you an inside look into what the album means to them, guitarist, longtime producer, and self-proclaimed “trash person” Adam Dutkiewicz is taking a moment to tell you, the fans, his first-hand account.

In an exclusive video interview, Adam and The Pit’s staff writer Chris Krovatin take a look at the lasting legacy and creative process behind As Daylight Dies. Along the way, Adam recalls he arduous (and hilarious) tactics involved in the album’s creation (including a forty-drinking contest, where everyone really lost in the end), and what he thinks of this awesome new limited-edition vinyl release.

Not only that, but we got members of Beartooth, Unearth, Tetrarch and more send him video tributes telling him what As Daylight Dies means to them and recounting the occasional story about a time Adam almost died. This means you’ll get to watch Adam watch these videos and feel something between honored and mortified.

Check out Killswitch Engage’s Adam D. discussing the in-studio process and lasting power of As Daylight Dies right here:

Want to hear what Adam D. really thinks about As Daylight Dies, tune in at The Pit’s YouTube channel or Facebook page, or follow Killswitch Engage on their Facebook account.

And make sure to order the new vinyl pressing of As Daylight Dies — complete with bonus tracks, colored vinyl, and new artwork by Killswitch Engage’s own Mike D — before August 26th!


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