These ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ Nesting Dolls Are The Ultimate Rob Zombie Merch Item

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Merch trends come and go, oftentimes to great hilarity later on. Remember when every band had a ball-chain necklace? Or a fuzzy armband? And yet there are some pieces of merch that we see and think, Please, PLEASE let this become a trend. Such is the case with these House of 1,000 Corpses matryoshka nesting dolls that Rob Zombie posted online today.

The one downside? They appear to be a one-off, and even Zombie isn’t sure who the artist behind them is, which is a shame, since they’re amazing (the Fishboy at the bottom is especially incredible). Rob posted an image of the dolls on his Instagram, writing, “I don’t know who made these but they are pretty cool.”

So, from everyone at The Pit: tell us who made these! We will give them money in return for a set of these! We want to go even further–Devil’s Rejects nesting dolls! 3 From Hell nesting dolls! Lords of Salem, 31 — Hell, we’ll even take some Haunted World of El Superbeasto nesting dolls! Just send us a link to a webstore!

Weird heavy metal merch has become somewhat of a norm lately, specifically jigsaw puzzles. Even extreme metal acts like Napalm Death have had their classic album covers turned into jigsaw puzzles by British company Rock Saws. But not everyone’s excited about this trend — death metal artist Dan Seagrave was forced to send a cease-and-desist letter to the company when they used paintings he owned without permission.

“I am notifying you at this early stage to inform you of my rightful interest in protecting my copyrights and to respectfully insist that you immediately cease and desist any actual or intended production, sales, distributions, pre-orders, of these unauthorized products,” wrote Dan in his e-mail he posted to his Instagram. “Earache Records has no right whatsoever to be making licenses to anyone with my artwork and was put on notice of its wrongful claims years ago.”