The New Carnation Track Is Death Metal Perfection

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At this point, death metal is such a broad genre filled with so many talented bands that it can be hard to find a gem in the sea of guts. But every so often, a track hits your ears with the kind of riffs and vibe that make you just wanna throw your battle vest on and kick in a door. Well, yesterday Belgian death metallers Carnation dropped the title track from their upcoming new album, and goddamn if they aren’t that band.

The track is called “Where Death Lies” off of their album of the same name, and it grabs you from the first “UGH!” from frontman Simon Duson (‘Duson’ being an ironic name, as he then proceeds to deuce on the corpses of angels with his guttural bellows). The song incorporates much of looming ‘stadium metal’ vibe of modern acts like Gatecreeper and Tomb Mold, but unlike those acts it never gets caught in the slog, instead ripping forward with the kind of constant momentum that bands like Morbid Angel and Dismember once reveled in. It’s a fitting follow-up to the band’s awesome 2018 debut Chapel of Abhorrence.

“Our third single for the upcoming Where Death Lies album is none other than the title track,” said Simon in a statement. “If you’ve been looking for thrashy hooks and groovy beats, look no further! This track is a fast one, but it switches gear right when the punishing chorus hits. It contains what we consider the catchiest chorus on the album, and we simply can’t wait to start performing this one live. The lyric video was made by Aimed & Framed, and it showcases the beautiful artwork that master Juanjo Castellano has once again created for us.”

Listen to the brilliantly punishing “Where Death Lies” from Carnation

Carnation’s Where Death Lies comes out September 18th via Season of Mist, and is available for preorder.

Check out the rad, sprawling album art below:


Words by Chris Krovatin