Spirit Adrift To Make Album Announcement, Host Livestream Q&A This Friday

Photo by Pablo Vigueras
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Arizona-based epic doom act Spirit Adrift have really done something incredible in the past five years: made sprawling, elaborate riff-fest metal that everyone actually wants to listen to. The brainchild of former Gatecreeper/Take Over And Destroy guitarist Nate Garrett, Spirit Adrift went from a trad-metal basement concept to one of the modern scene’s most important acts. Now, Nate has revwaled that he has big news about the band’s new album coming this Friday.

In a video posted to his Instagram, Garrett said, “What’s up, guys — this Friday, August 14th, we’re going to be making our big first announcements regarding the new album. There’s gonna be stuff coming out all day long. And then at 3pm Eastern time, noon Pacific time, I’ll be on Facebook Live and Instagram Live doing a Q&A. So please join us — we made it early enough so that everyone in Europe, and the UK, and everywhere else, you guys can join us too. So, see you Friday!”

Check out Nate’s video announcement below:


One assumes Nate’s announcement is going to be the full album details — title, tracklisting, cover, et cetera — but I guess we’ll just have to see come Friday! In the meantime, take a moment to come up with good questions for his livestreamed Q&As. How does get get his beard so luxurious? How many riffs does he plan to write in his lifetime? Is it true he knows Scab Casserole? What’s his favorite Rwake album? All that good stuff.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t listened to it, check out Spirit Adrift’s massive 2019 release Divided By Darkness below. Full of arcane harmonies, looming song structures, and Nate’s patented wail, it’s proof that old-school metal is only made better when given a stiff injection of modern doom and thrash. Listen to the record below:


Words by Chris Krovatin