Slayer’s Kerry King Has “More Than Two Records’ Worth of Music” Written For New Project, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Last year saw metal history in the making as thrash titans Slayer called it quits after almost four decades of bathing the world in bloody satanic riffs. But just because Slayer won’t be playing anymore doesn’t mean that its members are out of the game — according to guitarist Kerry King, he has a double album’s worth of material already written for his upcoming new project.

“I’ve been very, very lucky with riffs in 2020,” said Kerry in a recent interview on Dean Guitars’ YouTube. “Maybe because I can’t go anywhere — I don’t know — but riffs have certainly not been a problem. And looking forward into the future, what that means for me is I’m gonna be able to cherrypick the best stuff. And it’s good stuff. I’ve got more than two records’ worth of music, but to be able to go through that and cherrypick the best 11 or 12 [songs]… That first record should be smoking.

“Right now, I’m the only lyricist, because I’m the only one writing music, because I’m not positive who everybody is that’s gonna be playing with me,” he continued. “So it’s all on me at the moment. So, actually, I’ve actually gotta cherrypick those songs, pick my 10 or 12 favorites and actually start trying to put lyrics on them, just to move the process forward.”

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Slayer’s final show took place on November 30th, 2019, in Inglewood, CA. Their blistering, career-spanning setlist is as follows:

Final Slayer show

South of Heaven
World Painted Blood
Hate Worldwide
War Ensemble
Stain of Mind
When the Stillness Comes
Born of Fire
Seasons in the Abyss
Jesus Saves
Chemical Warfare
Hell Awaits
Dead Skin Mask
Show No Mercy
Raining Blood
Mandatory Suicide
Angel of Death


Words by Chris Krovatin