New Metal Out Now – 8/28

Alberto Cabello from Vitoria Gasteiz, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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It’s Friday, which means two things: giving this week the finger, and new music! Tune in every Friday for The Pit’s round-up of new releases, from singalong hard rock to pus-drenched underground death metal. Keep those ears bleeding!

Metallica, S&M2 (Blackened Recordings)

For fans of: The first S&M album

Standout track: I don’t know, “One?” You know Metallica songs.

Metallica — with a symphony? It happened! Then it happened again. S&M2 features the band’s recording of their 20th anniversary celebration of S&M, once again alongside the San Francisco Symphony. While it may not be too revolutionary a list, you’ll still get to hear newer tracks like “Moth Into Flame” with symphonic accompaniment, and hey, Metallica with an orchestra, always rad.

Pig Destroyer, The Octagonal Stairway EP (Relapse)

For fans of: Napalm Death, Anaal Nathrakh, Cannibal Corpse

Standout track: “The Octagonal Stairway”

Whoa, Pig Destroyer got death metal as fuck on this new EP! Normally, the Virginia grindcore tour de force lean on the starker, artsier side of the spectrum, with even their heavier moments threshing more than chugging. But Jesus, this feels sweaty, bald, and pissed off, channeling modern death metal in its echoing beats and nauseous breakdowns. Of course, that means it’s just as awesome as every other Pig Destroyer release, only different.

Intoxicated, Walled EP (Seeing Red Records)

For fans of: Cross Examination, Nifelheim, early Death

Standout track: “Grab The Rope”

It’s sometimes easy to chalk thrash up to a lot of tight jeans and Suicidal Tendencies caps, but Intoxicated remind us that in its later days, the genre was harsh as fuck. The Florida-based stalwarts (featuring, interestingly enough, members of Andrew W.K.’s live band) go extra-acidic here, with thrash metal that’ll erode the enamel off of your teeth. You can check it out at their bandcamp, or just go to our full stream of the album.

Necrot, Mortal (Tankcrimes)

For fans of: Witch Vomit, Outer Heaven, Incantation

Standout track: “Your Hell”

First off, look at that fucking cover, man. Second, God damn, do Necrot rule. The Oakland three-piece really steamroll the competition with their straightforward, no-fucks-allowed death metal. Mortal is no different from their previous releases other than that it shows a growth of riffmanship and a greater sense of scale and confidence for these dudes. It’s the kind of record you put on and then you and your friends don’t talk, just chug beers and make claws. Also, that COVER.

Wampirvs Sinistrvs, Blood of the Vampyre (Harvest of Death)

For fans of: Gorgoroth, Vircolac, Black Funeral

Standout track: “Nevoeiro”

We all love some symphonic shit here and there, but it’s always good to get at the cold, merciless heart of vampire metal. Wampirvs Sinistrvs do just that, playing the kind of stark, creeping vampire black metal that’s way more Nosferatu than Dracula. Though it might be a little bleak for your average goth, this album will have fans of nasty, scraping cult metal climbing to the tallest parapets to shriek at the moon. Go buy a cape.

Other crushers:

    • Inept, Images of Betrayal (6131 Records)
    • Reptoid, Worship False Gods (Learning Curve Records)
    • Vital Spirit, In The Faith That Looks Through Death (Hidden Tribe)
    • Panzerfaust, The Suns of Perdition II: Render Unto Eden (Eisenwald)
    • Pain of Salvation, Panther (InsideOut Music)
    • The Projectionist, Under the Cruel Glow of Terror EP (Moribund Records)
    • Powerman 5000, The Noble Riot (Cleopatra Records)
    • Various Artists, Bill and Ted Face The Music (10K Projects)


Words by Chris Krovatin