Metallica Will Show Their First Live Performance of 2020 At Drive-Ins Across The Country

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Last week, footage surfaced of Metallica rehearsing “Creeping Death” in masks at their California headquarters. Many speculated whether or not this rehearsal was for a purpose, or if the horsemen were just keeping their edges sharp. Now, the band have made an announcement that seems to explain this reunion–they’re about to perform a massive set that will be shown at drive-in locations across the country.

According to a statement released by the band, Metallica will be the first act to be featured in a series called Encore Drive-In Nights, which will broadcast the show at drive-ins around the nation on August 29th. The concert “will be shot specially for the Encore Drive-In Nights Series at a location near the band’s Northern California headquarters and will subsequently be edited and mixed by Metallica’s award-winning production team to the highest standards possible. The concert, the band’s first show in nearly a year, will feature material from throughout their near-four-decade career and provide Metallica fans with an intimate, unique and truly memorable concert experience.”

Obviously, this isn’t as ideal a situation as actually seeing Metallica, and will in fact never come close to the actual experience. But it’s definitely a way to enjoy the band, and let’s be honest, you’ve rocked out to Metallica in your car before, so why not do it again?

Tickets for the event go on sale Friday, with presales starting Wednesday. All are available through Ticketmaster. Tickets may look steep at $115 per vehicle, but remember that that includes six people per vehicle, meaning that’s under $20 a person–meaning that it’s honestly cheaper than the movies.

We’re bringing the Metallica live experience to a drive-in theater near you on August 29th with a concert filmed for the…

Posted by Metallica on Monday, August 10, 2020

More information about the events series can be checked out at Encore Drive-In Nights’ website.

Meanwhile, if you need your fix now, here’s Metallica playing to over a million Russian fans in 1991.


Words by Chris Krovatin