Listen: Chamber’s New Tracks Prove They’re The Future of Heavy Music

One of the more interesting movements bubbling up in extreme music right now is the emergence of young, heavy-hitting metalcore acts among the underground. These bands incorporate death metal, hardcore, and even the extra-dense drops of nu-metal to create a sound that is heaviness defined. One such act is Tennessee’s Chamber, who have released two new tracks that prove they are one of metal’s brightest new acts today.

The first song, “Scars In Complex Patterns,” is a coming together of scathing modern sounds — there’s a little Gojira, a little Code Orange, but also heaping doses of Dillinger Escape Plan, Wetnurse, and Scarlet thrown in for good measure. The second track, “In Cleansing Fire,” goes a little wilier, its icy opening guitars slithering this way and that in eerie, Korn-ish patterns before giving way to a Slipknot-esque forward charge. Both are jarringly good throat-punching anthems, and reminders that when doubters argue there’s no good music anymore, they’re not going hard enough.

Check out the tracks below:

God DAMN, the kids are all right.

Both “Scars In Complex Patterns” and “In Cleansing Fire” are off of Chamber’s upcoming full-length album¬†Cost of Sacrifice, out October 23rd on Pure Noise. The album is available for preorder; check out the cover below:

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