Intoxicated (feat. Members of Andrew W.K.’s Band) Will Thrash You to Pieces With Their New EP

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All genres of metal deserve their due, but let’s be honest, you really just want some thrash to knock you on your ass, and Intoxicated are here to deliver it to you. The Florida three-piece have been mutilating eardrums since the ’90s, leaving a combat bootprint across the Florida death metal scene; Obituary’s Donald Tardy played with them for four years, and their Drain EP was produced by Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner. The Onituary connection is also what led to vocalist/guitarist Erik Payne and bassist Greg Roberts playing with Andrew W.K.’s live band throughout the years, where they partied in less vicious ways. All the while, Intoxicated have remained dedicated to bringing serrated-edge thrash to the ears of those who want to give themselves a neck injury in front of a burning trash can in someone’s backyard.

Now, Intoxicated have unleashed a new EP, Walled, and goddamn does it deliver on the band’s decades-long promise of ferocity. The six songs thereon give listeners all the churning riffs, howling solos, frantic rhythms and phlegmy snarls that they crave from latter-day thrash. In that respect, there’s also a healthy dose of classic death metal here, reminding the listener of when bands like Sodom, Possessed, and Demolition Hammer bridged the gap between speed metal and something more toothsome. Basically, this is the kind of EP you just want to put on and rage to, a reminder of how much fun extreme metal can be when the riff is given room to thrive and dominate.

“Bringing Walled to life with these guys was a pure pleasure,” says Erik. “Thick skin and cutting the fat is the mindset! Having an opportunity to release our first record (on vinyl) after all these years, we don’t take lightly. What you’ll hear is truly who we are, and where we’re at mentally. There’s an absolute since of urgency that we embrace and feed off of. We’re fucking proud of it and just getting started!!”

Listen to our exclusive stream of Intoxicated’s Walled EP below:

Intoxicated’s Walled EP comes out August 28th from Seeing Red Records, and is available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin