Horror Fans Launch Petition to Stop ‘The Exorcist’ Remake

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Earlier this week, it was reported that Morgan Creek Entertainment had a theatrical reboot of 1973’s The Exorcist — arguably the greatest horror film of all time — in the works. The comments on The Pit’s Facebook post about this ranged from “No!” to “Why?” to “Jesus, NO!” Now, the horror community has made it a public issue, with fans launching a petition to have this reboot sent back to Hell.

As reported by Dread Central, a petition was created on Change.org by one Phil Galliano titled ‘Stop the Exorcist remake,’ which urges Hollywood to reconsider, well, doing what they always do and ruining an amazing film with an ass-clown reboot.

The Exorcist is William Friedkin’s masterpiece,” reads the petitions description. “It’s a Horror classic and one of the scariest movies ever made if not the scariest. The original movie was made in the seventies and is still relevant today.

“The Exorcist is one of the few movies that did not age, that remained for many of us the reference inspiring many other feature films and filmmakers.

“We, Horror fans, moviegoers, cinephiles, movie buffs do not want or need a remake and this petition is to stop the greedy Hollywood machine for remaking The Exorcist  as we all already know that a remake will never equal the original.

“Stop spending millions in remaking great movies and hire people who can create new original stories instead.”

For those of you who have never seen it (and if you haven’t, just stop reading this and go do so), The Exorcist — directed by William Friedkin, based off of the novel by Peter Blatty – revolves around a little girl named Regan MacNeil who becomes possessed by a demonic force. When her attempts at treating Regan medically are ineffective, her mother enlists the help of a local Catholic priest, and eventually an experienced exorcist, to try and drive the Devil out of her little girl.


Words by Chris Krovatin