Here’s a Gore Metal Cover of the ‘Full House’ Theme

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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We know what you think every morning when you wake up, because we think it, too: I wish somebody would cover the Full House theme in the style of gross-out gore metal. Well, you’re in luck, because Canadian murder-mongers VHS have a special treat for you. Normally, these guys only focus on classic horror films, but today they’ve turned their attention towards ’80s television. The band have released their Covered In Cheese EP today, and yes, the first track on it is “Everywhere You Go,” the theme for the show Full House. Hey, it still came out on VHS!

Rip Uncle Jesse’s guts out and fucking show them to him below:

Is that not enough? Are you still hungry for the hits of the ’80s to be spat back at you in a mouthful of human intestines? Well, we’re not quite done yet. The B-side of VHS’s EP is a cover of the Tiffany classic “I Think We’re Alone Now,” and it shreds harder than the original ever could.

Drop a bloody deuce in the mall fountain to the song below:

VHS’s Covered In Cheese EP is available now on their Bandcamp.


Words by Chris Krovatin