Exclusive Premiere: Raven Black’s New Single Sounds Like Getting Murdered By A Clown

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For the past few years, Raven Black have been one of the few bands fully dedicating themselves to shock rock. While plenty of acts throw on some greasepaint or armor, the LA-based quartet go all-in, not just on their look but also on their backstory. The band have a complete world built for them within their songs, loaded with haunted dolls, witch doctors, and an unholy carnival that most people probably worry they’ll go to after death if they’ve been naughty.

The band’s newest single “5 Feet Underground” is Raven Black’s vibe defined. Mixing slamming riffs, crushing drums, and a distinctly childish brand of sadistic glee, the song gives new listeners a perfect introduction to these artists, while entrenched fans just get everything they love about them. Though it may be a little structured and spooky for fans of sprawling dissonant post-rock, those listeners who came to metal for the horror and the party will undoubtedly find something to gnaw on here.

“‘5 Feet Underground’ expresses the inner determination and preservation of one’s artistry,” says Raven in regards to the song. “A response to those who don’t understand our dark metal carnival world and a grand invitation to those fans who join in the fun and run away to the carnival!”

Check out Raven Black’s “5 Feet Underground” below:

Keep an eye out for more from Raven Black later in 2020.


Words by Chris Krovatin