Exclusive Premiere: Laser Dracul’s “Mother Midnight” Is The Ultimate Vampire Biker Anthem

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Sleazy vampire stoner metal — if that phrase doesn’t endear you to Laser Dracul, we’ve got nothing for you. The Swedish three-piece play the kind of crunchy, handlebar-mustached doom that’ll make you want to have a drunken bonfire out in the desert, but never fail to drench it in heavy doses of morbidity and old-school horror. In that respect, the band is less Bram Stoker’s Dracula and more Bill Paxton in Near Dark, using their nocturnal bloodthirst to only further show how badass they are.

“Mother Midnight,” the latest single off of their upcoming Majestic Mountain Records debut Hagridden is Laser Dracul at their heaviest. Though the rest of the album has moments of weed-choked psychedelia and far-out desert worship, this track just brings the full, merciless force of ’70s horror, its trundling drums and misanthropic riffs exuding biker attitude. The keyboard accents on the chorus add the cherry on top, making the listener feel as though they’re watching Christopher Lee appear out of a smoke cloud rising from a coffin (on a drive-in screen, at least). It’s a worthy tribute to the House of Hammer, though it’s probably more appropriate when blared out of a truck hauling ass to the Titty Twister at sunset.

Shotgun a human throat to “Mother Midnight” below:

Laser Dracul’s Hagridden comes out September 25th via Majestic Mountain Records, and is available for preorder both in the U.S. and everywhere else in the world. Check out the full tracklisting and rad-as-fuck cover art below:

  1. Ashes and Dust
  2. High Tide Striding
  3. Into the Night We Go
  4. Now You See
  5. Ill in Spirit
  6. Mother Midnight


Words by Chris Krovatin