Dio’s ‘Holy Diver’ Is Being Turned Into a Graphic Novel

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The problem with turning bands or albums into comic books is that there usually isn’t much to go on. Either it’s a life story which feels one-sided and promotional, or some epic comics bullshit where the band members have abs and need to collect the shards of some fucking crystal. But if there’s one metal musician who deserves his own comic and could pull it off well, it’s Dio. Which is why it’s good news that a graphic novel based on Dio’s 1983 album Holy Diver is currently in the works.

According to a press release sent out today, music-themed comics publisher Z2 Comics will release Dio: Holy Diver next summer. The comic will tell the story behind Holy Diver‘s infamous cover, and will be written by none other than Steven Niles, known for such comics as 30 Days of NightThe October Faction, and Criminal Macabre. The cover, meanwhile, is illustrated by none other than comics legend Bill Sienkiewicz, known for his work on The New Mutants and Elektra: Assassin.

According to Wendy Dio, RJD’s widow, “Steve Niles tells the story behind the album cover Holy Diver, a story about how you can’t judge a picture by the way it appears, which is what Ronnie wrote many times in his songs; that you have to see inside the person and not judge them by the way they look or by what they wear. Together with Scott Hampton’s amazing artwork they tell the story of Holy Diver, and I know Ronnie would have given his stamp of approval on this great graphic novel.”
Z2 publisher Josh Frankel adds, “We have managed to work with some of the greatest legends in both comics and music, and a Dio graphic novel with a cover by the great Bill Sienkiewicz perhaps sums that up best. This is one of the most iconic heavy metal album covers in history. We are honored to pay tribute to the originator of the universal sign of the music that he has inspired since he first took the stage with Black Sabbath 40 years ago. Working with Wendy Dio directly to ensure it is true to his vision is the next best thing to working with Ronnie James Dio himself, and we have hit a new high note with this one!”
“I’m so excited to be writing this book,” says Niles. “I hope I do Ronnie James Dio justice.”
Dio: Holy Diver is available for preorder, both in regular and deluxe editions. Check out the cover, as well as Sienkiewicz’s rad-ass gatefold art, below: