Deftones Appear to Have Quietly Revealed The Title of Their New Album

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Last week, Deftones began teasing their new album, with a suggested release date of September 25th. Now, through a series of circuitous methods, the band have revealed their new album title to the world.

As reported by the PRP, the new Deftones album will be named Ohms. The title was hidden in a series os Instagram stories in which the first letter of the lyrics being shared spelled out the title one by one. Not only that, but the PRP notes that frotnman Chino Moreno actually revealed the title some weeks ago in an interview that has since been scrubbed from the web. So, while there’s not official confirmation of either the title or the release date, one should be on the lookout for Deftones’ Ohms on September 25th.

Meanwhile, the band recently spoke with Kerrang! about the record and the process behind it.

“Anytime you’re writing down thoughts in a more poetic way with songs, instead of a journal, it’s like… I don’t want to say it’s embarrassing, but it’s not the easiest thing to do,” Chino told the British website. “It’s my least favourite thing to do (laughs). Because it’s hard. A lot of times I don’t know how much I want to say; a lot of times I’ll retract. Sometimes I’ll be very blunt in the beginning and then replace it with more anonymity so I don’t feel that pressure of being judged.

“I’ve definitely gone through a lot just dealing with myself,” continued the singer. “After all the years of doing what we’ve been doing and living the way I’ve lived, I had to do some introspective stuff. I did some therapy, which I’d never done…I always felt, like, ‘Why would I talk to somebody I don’t know about my personal feelings?’ But I did end up going to see somebody, and it was a whole different experience when you’re talking to somebody who doesn’t know you, doesn’t know you from a band. You start talking about yourself from your childhood on, and start making sense of why and how you became the way you are.”

More about the new Deftones album as it comes.


Words by Chris Krovatin