Dave Grohl Will Play Himself In ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’

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It’s weird to think that in 2020, two decades after the arena-rock ’80s met its bitter end, we’re getting a new Bill & Ted movie. But a week from Friday, Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted “Theodore” Logan  return with Bill & Ted Face The Music, a new story that sees the grown-up duo traveling through time to find the song they were supposed to write to change the world — and stealing it from themselves. And as it turns out, some of rock’s more Bill & Ted-ish musicians are getting in on the action, as it’s now been revealed that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl will be in the film.

As pointed out by Kerrang!, Bill & Ted Face The Music‘s IMDB page lists Dave Grohl as playing, well, ‘Dave Grohl.’ What this means for the titular heroes — whether or not they’ll be in a band with Dave, try to pass him a demo tape, or just bro down with him about Dio — isn’t yet clear, and we can all agree that it’s a shame that Dave isn’t reprising the role of Satan which he played for comedy-rock duo Tenacious D. But hey, we’ll always take a Dave Grohl cameo!

This, of course, comes on the heels of the recent announcement that metal bands include Mastodon and Lamb of God will be featured on the soundtrack to the movie; Mastodon have even penned a song seemingly in honor of fallen comedian George Carlin titled “Rufus Lives.” The movie will also be bringing back plenty of the previous films’ more metal characters, specifically William Sadler as Death himself. Back in December, fans were given their first look at the Reaper, and it seemed to pass must.

Check out the latest trailer for the movie below:

Bill & Ted Face The Music comes out August 28th.


Words by Chris Krovatin