Zak Stevens: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

photo by Joel Barrios
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Vocalist Zak Stevens has sung with everyone from Savatage to Trans-Siberian Orchestra to Circle II Circle. His most recent undertaking is Fallen, the recently released debut album from his new project Archon Angel, which also features producer and guitar player Aldo Lonobile of Secret Sphere, and leans into the classic Savatage sound. Considering Steven’s resume, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the formative music in his life has been mostly classic rock and heavy metal. We caught up with the singer to find out what five albums most changed his life and he had some great picks. See below.

Rush — Moving Pictures

It really opened my eyes to the whole percussion realm with the late Neil Peart, whom we will dearly miss.

Black Sabbath — Live Evil

I was always a huge Dio fan, and this is the first time we really got to hear him perform the older Black Sabbath songs on a live album format.  Very life-changing for a future singer.

AC/DC — Back in Black

Sonically, just an amazing sounding album at the time with Mutt Lange producing.  This was pretty much the soundtrack of my early high school years, which was basically nothing but one giant party at the time. [Laughs] It’s a blur.

Iron Maiden — Powerslave

To all of the big Maiden fans at the time, I think this album represented a true peak of their existence with the songwriting and recording levels.  This was also recorded at Compass Point studios in Nassau, Bahamas, just like Back in Black.

Ozzy Osbourne — Speak of the Devil

This album marked the transition of Ozzy from Black Sabbath to solo artist, and featured his exciting new band with Brad Gillis on guitar and Rudy Sarzo on bass, both of which ruled.