Watch Body Count’s Violent New Animated “Thee Critical Beatdown” Video

Photo by Dirk Behlau
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Body Count — the politically charged metal band fronted by hip-hop OG and Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T — are back with another music video, this time an animated clip for the standout cut “Thee Critical Beatdown” off the group’s most recent album, Carnivore. The video was created by Tommy the Animator, who also helmed the music video for the song “The Ski Mask Way” from Body Count’s 2017 album, Bloodlust. Carnivore was released in March via Century Media and features guest appearances by Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta, Power Trip’s Riley Gale, former Slayer/current Suicidal Tendencies drummer Dave Lombardo and Evanescence singer Amy Lee. Watch the video for “Thee Critical Beatdown” below.

“That one’s a basic Body Count grindhouse-style stupid fun song,” Ice-T told Metal Hammer about “Thee Critical Beatdown.” “You talk a lot of shit — now it’s time to back it up. It’s really me yelling at somebody on the Internet. So it’s kind of like ‘Talk Shit, Get Shot’ from [2014’s] Manslaughter. I’m calling someone out who sends pussy texts talking mad shit but don’t want to meet. It’s like, it’s time. Let’s get it on. It has no politics. It’s just a good old rumble fight song.”

In other Body Count news, the band released a limited-edition edition “No Lives Matter” charity T-shirt today, the slogan coming from the title of the incendiary, all-too-relevant lead single off Bloodlust. Proceeds from each T-shirt sale will go to The Innocence Project and The RightWay Foundation. The exclusive shirts are available for purchase now.