See Sharptooth Rage With Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane in New “Evolution” Video

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Baltimore, Maryland, metalcore outfit Sharptooth are gearing up to drop their politically charged second album, Transitional Forms. Due tomorrow (July 10th) via Pure Noise Records, the LP sees the band taking on a wide range of topical subjects — from the vacuousness of a lot of heavy music, to the pervasive culture of apathy. The latter is addressed in the group’s latest single, the mosh-ready “Evolution,” which features Anti-Flag singer Justin Sane. He duets with Sharptooth singer Lauren Kashan, culminating in the repeated cry of “think outside yourself!” Watch and listen below.

“I think the biggest problem in our country, the problem that all of our other issues stem from, is a lack of empathy,” Kashan commented on the song. “I wrote ‘Evolution’ in response to the apathy I was seeing every day in the world around me,” Kashan continues. “Whether it had to do with global warming, racism, sexism, or poverty, I’ve witnessed a phenomenon that I can only call a ‘not my problem’ mentality — people being unwilling to look at their own behavior simply because something doesn’t directly affect them.

“And now, in the days of COVID, and the (grossly overdue) worldwide conversations about systemic racism and police brutality, I think the message of this song is more important than ever. Yes, you should work to follow CDC guidelines, not only because you could get COVID, but mainly because someone else could catch it from you who’s consequences might be far more dire. Yes, you should explain systemic racism to your white family, because they will be able to hear that message from you easier than they can hear it from someone who doesn’t look like them, and just ‘canceling’ your racist uncle doesn’t actually help black people, because they’ll still have to deal with him even when you decided you don’t want to. Yes, you should be examining your lifestyle and making changes so as to decrease your carbon footprint.

“There are so many day-to-day things we can be doing that extend beyond us as individuals and have global impact,” Kashan continues. “I truly believe that if everyone just made a daily, concerted effort to cultivate empathy, to ‘think outside yourself’ and put in the work to listen to and understand other people’s experiences and evaluate their own personal impact, the world would be a much happier, healthier, more productive, and overall better place.”

Transitional Forms is available for order here.

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