See Max Cavalera Break Down Soulfly’s “Eye for an Eye” and Nailbomb’s “Wasting Away”

Grywnn, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Brazilian metal trailblazer Max Cavalera — of Sepultura, Soulfly, Nailbomb, Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed fame — has kicked off a new video series dubbed “Max Trax,” in which he discussed the inspiration behind many of the most iconic songs from his nearly four decades of music-making. Rolled out biweekly, the series launched with two episodes, devoted respectively to Soulfly’s classic crusher “Eye for an Eye,” off the group’s 1998 self-titled debut, and Nailbomb’s industrial-metal ripper “Wasting Away,” the opener off that band’s one and only studio full-length, 1994’s Point Blank. Watch below.

Cavalera announced the series on June 23rd with the following statement: “I’m announcing the launch of ‘Max Trax.’ It’s a very raw way that I’m gonna go through all the songs I recorded all my life — all the riffs, ‘riff vortex.’ So I’m gonna explain how the riff was created, I’m gonna explain where the idea came for the riff, I’m gonna talk about the lyrics. I’m gonna dissect in a very raw way — nothing high technology, none of that bullshit. It’s gonna be all done here [at home], with my equipment that I always record with, a drum machine. I’m gonna tell you what the inspiration for the songs come from, all the way back from ‘Funeral Rites,’ ‘Morbid Visions,’ going through everything — ‘Refuse/Resist,’ ‘Propaganda,’ fucking ‘Roots Bloody Roots,’ ‘Eye for an Eye,’ ‘Jump Da Fuck Up.’ All of them have amazing, cool stories. You guys are gonna love it. I promise you it’s gonna be so fucking fun and cool and exciting. And I’ll play along, if you wanna learn how to play those songs too.

“So I’m gonna be doing this every Tuesday and every Saturday — it’s gonna be a different song every Tuesday and every Saturday — around two o’clock, more or less, West Coast time. The first one I’m doing is ‘Eye for an Eye’ with the original lyrics that you guys don’t know. I had different lyrics for it. It’s gonna be really, really fun. It’s gonna be really cool. I can’t wait to share this with you. So watch out for ‘Max Trax’ coming at you. We’re gonna enjoy. The shit’s gonna be fucking awesome. Fuck shit up! Max Cavalera. Stay metal.”