Listen to Plague Years’ Intense New Track “Incantation”

photo by Rian Staber
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Michigan-based crossover death thrashers Plague Years have dropped a brand new intense track and accompanying lyric video for “Incantation.” Check out the rager below and be prepared to open up a pit.

Guitarist Eric Lauder says of the cataclysmic, down-tuned death worship track (which includes touches of not just crossover, but also blackened death and midtempo madness), “This song is about resurrecting the dead that were condemned by god. Corpses become masters of chaos, rising to become a part of hell’s army to destroy their land and all things divine. This is one of the hardest and most aggressive songs on the record, relentless with its speed in the beginning and crushing heaviness at the end.”

“Incantation” will appear on Plague Years’ — which features vocalist Tim Engelhardt, Lauder, bassist Rian Staber and drummer Mike Jurysta — forthcoming, punishing full-length Circle of Darkness, which is set to release September 18th via Entertainment One.

Following in the stomping pathways of early Sepultura, Sodom and Slayer, this full-length debut was engineered by the iconic Arthur Rizk, whose work with Power Trip, Tomb Mold, Candy, Cavalera Conspiracy and many more has propelled him to the front amidst the resurgence of crossover thrash.

Circle of Darkness will be released on CD, digital and vinyl formats. You can pre-order it here. Check out the album artwork and track listing below.


Circle of Darkness track listing:
1. Play The Victim
2. Witness Hell
3. Paradox Of Death
4. Eternal Fire
5. Circle Of Darkness
6. Evil One
7. Incantation
8. Nrftl
9. World In Blood
10. Urge To Kill