Hear Revocation Guitarist Go Prog-Grunge on New Gargoyl Song “Electrical Sickness”

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Dave Davidson is best known for his head-spinning guitar shredding in tech-metal outfit Revocation, but in his new side project Gargoyl, the virtuosic player showcases another side to his creative. The quartet — which also features guitarist-vocalist Luke Roberts of Ayahuasca — specialize in an expressive brand of hard-hitting rock they describe as “progressive grunge,” Part Alice in Chains, part Voivod, it’s a sound highlighted on the group’s new song “Electrical Sickness,” the lead single off Gargoyl’s forthcoming self-titled debut full-length, which is due out on October 9th via Season of Mist. The fourth track on the album, “Electrical Sickness” dropped today (July 16th) paired with an accompanying visualizer. Watch and listen below — and check out the full track listing for the Gargoyl LP.

Roberts commented, “This song is not meant to be a pleasant experience. There’s a background static of anxiety and depression that seems to linger everywhere in our society. I would like to suggest it’s time we look at these feelings in ourselves and take responsibility for them instead of taking them out on each other or trying to hide from them in all of our distractions.”

Davidson added, “Anytime a band has a lot of different influences … I think it’s important to have a clear vision and goal so that all those influences mesh together in a way that doesn’t sound forced. I wanted it to be a cohesive, artistic statement and I know that Luke does as well. I’ve always wanted to blend genres. In the truest sense of the word, we’re ‘prog rock.’”

Gargoyl track listing:
01. Truth of a Tyrant (2:30)
02. Plastic Nothing (5:55)
03. Cursed Generation (4:20)
04. Electrical Sickness (6:10)
05. Wraith (5:01)
06. Ophidian (4:42)
07. Nightmare Conspiracy (5:17)
08. Waltz Dystopia (6:18)
09. Ambivalent I (3:58)
10. Acid Crown (5:09)
11. Asphyxia (5:07)