Hear Failure’s Depeche Mode-Approved Cover of “Enjoy the Silence”

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Los Angeles-based alt-rock stalwarts Failure have released a newly recorded cover of the Depeche Mode classic (and metalhead beloved track), “Enjoy the Silence.” Check out their hazy take on it below.

“We originally recorded a cover of ‘Enjoy the Silence’ for the 1998 Depeche Mode tribute, For the Masses,” explains Ken Andrews. “That album has all but disappeared, no longer in print and not available via streaming platforms but we as a band are proud of our take on that song and had wanted to re-record it for some time. With the blessing of both Martin Gore and Depeche Mode, we re-addressed our version and came up with this new version for 2020.”

In addition, Failure is also beginning pre-orders for FAILURE 1992-1996, a a four-piece vinyl box set featuring the three ’90s-era albums. With the original masters finally being unearthed (Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet) have been meticulously restored, remixed and remastered by Andrews.

“Almost everything people have heard from these albums has been sourced from 16bit digital files made in the ’90s, which was state of the art at the time,” explains Andrews. “But when we found out we were getting our hands on the original analog master tapes, and with all the confusion and lack of quality control on several of the previous iterations, we set out to create the definitive versions of Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet. Everything has been sourced directly from first generation multitrack and stereo master tapes. This is us finally getting to present our early work the way we’ve always wanted to.”

Drummer Kellii Scott adds, “These new versions have all the magic from the originals, but now, instead of looking through a hazy pane of glass, the window has been completely opened and you can hear all the elements in their full glory.”