See Ice Nine Kills’ New ‘The Disney Revenge Show’ Mini-Documentary

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Back in April 2019, horror-obsessed metalcore veterans Ice Nine Kills were scheduled to play a show at a Disney-owned venue in Orlando, Florida. Just a few weeks prior to the gig, the group was told that they were no longer welcome to performed because of their penchant for family-unfriendly imagery. Ice Nine Kills weren’t about to be defeated, however: Much like one of the slashers in their favorite fright flicks, the band proved unstoppable, and a few months later, on July 25th, 2019, they returned to the city, playing a raucous sold-out show. A new mini-documentary, aptly titled The Disney Revenge Show, released by the group, captures the whole strange saga, from its disappointing open to its triumphant conclusion.

To go with the doc, Ice Nine Kills have dropped a new “Nightmare on the Ninth” merch capsule, dubbed “Too Evil For Children II,” that includes designs featuring horror-themed takes on classic Disney characters. Check them out at and note that like all “Nightmare on the Ninth” collections, this latest capsule will only be available for a limited time, so get yours before they’re gone.

“Looking back at the Disney incident fills me with nothing but laughter,” Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas commented. “When I first heard about the ban, I was perturbed strictly because we love playing in that city. But rather than mope and cry about it, I had the idea to poke fun at the situation by creating a merch line of beloved Disney characters and inserting them in slasher movie scenarios. This mini-documentary chronicles our triumphant sold-out return to Orlando and the chaos that ensued.”