Misery Loves Co.’s Patrik Wirén: 5 Albums That Change My Life

photo by Jerker Josefsson
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Industrial-metal stalwarts Misery Loves Co. dissolved two decades ago after releasing three albums — 1995’s self-titled LP, 1997’s Not Like Them and 2000’s Your Vision Was Never Mine to Share. For most of the time since, there was little reason to think that the band — centered around the core duo of Patrik Wirén (vocals) and Örjan Örnkloo (guitar, bass, programming) — would ever re-form, but then in 2017, the group did just that. Then in late 2019, they dropped a big comeback album, ZERO. Considering Misery Loves Co.’s expansive sound and wide-ranging influences — from Ministry to Napalm Death to Alice in Chains — we figured that Wirén must have diverse musical taste, so we asked him to share some of the albums that have shaped him as a musician and as a person. He had some great picks.

David Bowie – Scary Monsters

Because he proved that it’s fun to experiment and that you don’t have to lose your songwriting skills along the way.

Ramones – End of the Century

Because I always loved Joey Ramone and on this album the vocals are just. Perfect.

Kiss – Rock and roll over

It was the album that made me realize that there is a greater world out there. I was five years old and loved every note.

Nina Hagen – Unbehagen

‘Cause I was 10 years old and this album made me realize what you can do with your voice. You can do the craziest things.

Ministry – Psalm 69

That was the album that inspired us to form this band in the first place. And it’s still such a great album after all these years.