Killswitch Engage Celebrate 20 Years with Interactive In-Depth Timeline and Limited Retro Merch

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When New England-based metalcore OGs Killswitch Engage began posting killer old-school photos from their history to the band’s official Instagram feed recently, we knew they were up to something. Sharing one image per year per day, starting with 1999 and going through 2019, today, June 23rd, the band has announced that was just a part of a full-scale celebration of 20 years as a band. Now there is an awesome comprehensive timeline on their website that “was created specifically for KsE fans to enjoy and to reminisce.”

The in-depth 20 year timeline documents the band’s milestones with clickable, scroll-through info with flyers from early shows, live shots from festival appearances, fan tattoos,  major tours, video shoots, all album releases, three Grammy nominations, lineup changes and beyond. The timeline functions as a digital museum that effectively tells the complete group’s story.

“I’ll never forget when we first started touring and I had to quit my day job to give it a go,” recalls guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. “I remember thinking, ‘Just try it for a year, that way you’ll have no regrets when it doesn’t work out, and you can go find a new job.’ 20-plus years later, here we are, and it’s been an amazing ride. I’m so grateful to our fans for letting us continue to do this…THANK YOU, KsE FANS EVERYWHERE!!!”

“It’s hard to believe KsE has been going for so long,” guitarist Joel Stroetzel adds. “We’re gettin’ old! We hope you all enjoy the photos, as they have definitely brought back a lot of memories for us! It seems like only yesterday we were playing VFW halls in Western Mass and rehearsing in my parents’ basement!”

Finally bassist and artist Mike D’Antonio says, “Looking back at what KsE has seen and done in 20 years is nothing short of mind-blowing to me. How a little band from Massachusetts could tour the world for this long is beyond me. A lifetime of exciting moments and amazing memories… I would not trade it for the world.”

In addition to the timeline, Killswitch Engage are also launching a retro merch line which offers new takes on classic designs in limited edition quantities. The initial batch collection includes imagery from the Alive or Just Breathing and As Daylight Dies album cycles. You can pre-order the retro merch here.