Code Orange’s Shade to Collaborate With Machine Girl in Latest Livestream Episode

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Code Orange have announced the sixth and latest installment of their innovative livestream series “YOU AND YOU ALONE.” Titled “SHADE X MACHINE GIRL,” the upcoming livestream will to air Monday, June 15th at 8 p.m. ET on the band’s Twitch channel and feature a collaborative electronics performance between Code Orange’s Eric “Shade” Balderose and fellow Pittsburgh-based artist Machine Girl.

Shade, Code Orange’s electronics/synth guru, kicked off “YOU AND YOU ALONE” on March 30th with an improvised performance/visual experience. (In addition to spearheading the electronic elements of Code Orange’s music, Shade is also instrumental in shaping the group’s visual output, and he animated and directed the band’s surreal music video for the single “Sulfur Surrounding.”) The series’ second installment followed on April 13th and centered around a guitar clinic and playthrough Q&A from Code Orange’s Reba Meyers, while the third entry, titled “b e h i n d t h e g l a s s,” comprised of a conceptual conversation with Morgan and Balderose about the artwork for Underneath. Next up was a virtual performance dubbed “g o l d m a n x m u d m a n in the c o l d. m e t a l. p l a c e” that featured bassist Joe Goldman and Code Orange’s new, anonymous drummer (known as mudman) delivering a playthrough of songs from the album. After that came “End of an Era,”a.k.a. the debut of Code Orange’s full 2019 headline set at This Is Hardcore fest, which was their final performance as a five-piece.

You can order Underneath now, and also check out all kinds of other cool Code Orange stuff, right here.