See Higher Power’s Fun, Nostalgic New “Rewire (101)” Video

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When we caught up with Higher Power singer Jimmy Wizard in February — fresh off the release of the group’s excellent Roadrunner Records debut, 27 Miles Underwater — the vocalist regaled us with tales from the road. He had just recently dislocated his knee right before a show in Brooklyn, New York, and despite the pain, he powered through the set. The next night, the knee — which bears an old skateboarding injury — was amazingly popped back into place by a fan who jumped on to the stage and slammed into him. “You can’t write it,” the vocalist told us with a laugh, barely believing the improbable turn of events himself. It was just one example of the many misadventures that make life on the road so magical and unpredictable for Wizard, and that sense of adventure is captured in the U.K. melodic hardcore group’s new music video, for 27 Miles Underwater standout “Rewire (101),” which compiles footage from the band’s last tour. Viewed today (May 27th), in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shutdown of the live music circuit, the hijinks-packed clip takes on a whole other, unforeseen layer of meaning and poignancy.

“It’s the kind of video that reminds me of why I love being in a band and touring,” Wizard said to The Fader, which premiered the clip. “It’s also the kind of video that would have inspired me to start a band when I was a kid, like the Limp Bizkit ‘Faith’ video, but sadly without the breakdancing.” Watch below.