Hear Meshuggah-Approved Act Imperial Triumphant’s Wild New Song “Rotted Futures”

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New York City avant-garde metal trio Imperial Triumphant have been blowing minds in the underground for seven years and across three full-lengths and two EPs already. But their latest album, the forthcoming Alphaville, is set to take them to new heights. Not only is the LP the most complete and ambitious representation of the group’s vision yet, it also features all-star assists from a cast of heavy hitters, including Meshuggah drummer and lyricist Tomas Haake, who plays Japanese taiko drums on the album, and Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance, who produced Alphaville. The LP also features special guests Phlegeton (Wormed) on vocals, RK Halvorson as part of the barbershop quartet(!), J Walter Hawke on the trombone, album engineer Colin Marston (Behold… the Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Krallice, Gorguts) on guitars, as well as Yoshiko Ohara (ex-Bloody Panda), Sarai Chrzanowski, Andromeda Anarchia (Folterkammer, Dark Matters) as part of the choirs. If that weren’t all, renowned artist and illustrator Zbigniew M. Bielak (Ghost, Body Count, Portal) created the stunning, architectural cover art.

Alphaville is due out July 31st via Century Media, and ahead of the big drop, the band has unleashed the mind-bending lead single “Rotted Futures” along with its equally trippy music video. Watch and listen below.

The album is available for pre-order now in an array of formats, including a highly limited “Ivory Towers” (white) vinyl 2LP collector’s edition, of which only 300 copies will be pressed. The 2LP comes in a special gatefold sleeve with a four-page booklet and poster. The LP also offers a special novelty: Side D, featuring two bonus covers, of Voivod and the Residents, is pressed with a rare “double-groove” feature, i.e. there are two grooves cut side-by-side, so that the listener plays the one cover version or the other — depending on where exactly the needle is placed. Pre-order yours now before they’re gone!

Alphaville “Ivory Towers” collector’s edition track listing:
Side A
1. Rotted Futures
2. Excelsior
3. City Swine

Side B
4. Atomic Age
5. Transmission to Mercury

Side C
6. Alphaville
7. The Greater Good

Side D
8. Experiment (Voivod cover)
9. Happy Home (The Residents cover)