Hear Creeper’s Emotionally Charged New Ballad “All My Friends”

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Theatrical U.K. punk rockers Creeper are gearing up to release their second album, Sex, Death & the Infinite Void, on July 31st, and today (May 22nd), they offered up another taste of the LP in the form of “All My Friends,” a stripped-down piano ballad that was written by singer Will Gould after his best friend and guitarist Ian Miles was detained in a hospital under the Mental Health Act (MHA). Worried about his bandmate’s recovery, Gould penned the song, which includes the heartfelt lyrics, “I’m so sorry if I failed you/You know I love you so.” Though he was initially reluctant to share the composition with the rest of the group, they ultimately responded very positively — so much so that the song not only made the album, but has now been released as a single during a time when many people are struggling with mental health issues amid the social-distancing restrictions of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Listen — and watch the single’s music video, filmed by the band themselves while in quarantine — below.

“’All My Friends’ was born from the void during our darkest of times,” Gould commented. “The song was written late one night in Hollywood. I was left alone in the studio and found myself at the piano. It was such an honest expression that it almost felt too personal to release. Originally this song was not intended to have its own release, though in these unprecedented times and during Mental Health Awareness Week, it was our wish that it reach you now.”

“All My Friends” follows up the previously release Sex, Death & the Infinite Void singles “Born Cold,” “Annabelle” and “Cyanide.” In addition to releasing singles off the forthcoming album — which is available for pre-order here — Creeper have also been offering up acoustic covers via their “Sounds From the Void” series, the latest being a take on King Dude’s “Spiders In Her Hair.”