Blasphemer’s Clod “The Ripper” De Rosa: Songs to Live By

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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At its heart, music is all about emotion. Even veteran Italian extremists Blasphemer — who have been making scathing, sacrilegious technical death metal for over two decades — know this. The band dropped their crushing third LP,  The Sixth Hour, via Candlelight Records earlier this year, and it’s steeped in feeling: mostly a deep, overwhelming hatred of organized religion. With this in mind, we caught up with vocalist and bassist Clod “The Ripper” De Rosa to find out what music he listens to for every mood. Read on to find out the songs that the musician turns to when shaking off the morning grogginess, looking for a pick-me-up and more.

When I’m pissed off:
Slayer – “War Ensemble”

It’s so fucking aggressive that makes you want to destroy everything that surrounds you while listening to it!

When I’m feeling depressed:
Loss – “Cut Up, Depressed, and Alone”

This song is mournful like scars on your wrists.

When I get up in the morning:
Samael – “Western Ground”

A powerful booster. It gives you a world-in-your-hand feeling.

When I go to bed:
The Chasm – “Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm”

An incredible musical journey — hypnotic.

When I’m hungover:
Motörhead – “One More Fucking Time”

Introspective without being weak.

When I’m getting it on:
Danzig – “Dirty Black Summer”

The evil Elvis!

Song I most want to be remembered for

I haven’t written it yet.

Song I wish I wrote:
Morbid Angel – “God of Emptiness”

It’s monumental — a solemn death-metal hymn for the ages.

Songs I want played at my funeral:
Type O Negative – “Red Water (Christmas Mourning)”

Saddest tune ever. A dark ceremony.